Cherise Leana Bangs was born at home in San Fransisco to her hippie musical parents, who did not abide by child labor laws, and coerced their children into joining the family band, which was in hot demand and played such notable venues as the local yoga farms.
Creativity was infused in her blood, and the lights of Hollywood beckoned Cherise like a moth to a bug zapper. This dancer/model/singer/actress has experienced a great deal of success, surprisingly avoiding the zap most “actresses” feel when they experience the reality of Los Angeles. In her spare time Cherise is working on a coffee-table Vegetarian Cookbook called the Hollywood Vegetarian, that infuses food, fun and celebrity.
Cherise loves to work with animals and children, feels tremendously blessed to have such wonderful friends, and is not at all embarrassed by her wonderful, amazing, loving, hippy family.
Cherise can be seen on the big screen this summer in the romantic comedy: The Ones and the thriller: 3 Days Gone.

Nicknames: Oinky, Oinks, San Francisco Treat, CHY-Reese, Rice-A-Roni, ‘C’