Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Rich’s family moved to the Bay Area at an early age, and fortunately was quite dysfunctional which caused him to develop a sense of humor to survive.
He attended school in Santa Barbara, where he learned that that writing English papers was more fun when you altered the purpose of the assignment to entertain, rather than inform. Thrown out of the English program, Rich received a BA in Business and then moved to Los Angeles because, quote, “It felt right.”
Completely broke upon arrival, Rich worked very diligently, and feels tremendously lucky that the Internet was in it’s early stages of development when he arrived.
He quickly learned that he was a much better writer than he was an actor, and since has concentrated on little else, unless you count traveling, basketball, women, running, yoga, and poker.
He is also the author of a series of children’s books, the Princess Dannika series, which he wrote for his beloved Goddaughter.
You can find him on the beach, at the gym, in yoga, or writing.