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An actress, producer, and writer hailing from St. Louis, Missouri,
Marshelle was bitten by the acting bug from the age of 6 when she played an angel in her schoolʼs nativity play. Marshelle eventually became a Casting Associate for Casting Director Carrie Houk and was cast in several productions that came through St. Louis, such as “Labrador,” Karen Arthurʼs “A Will of Their Own,” and George Hickenlooperʼs “The Big Brass Ring.” Later Marshelle was tapped to be Casting Coordinator a Talent Plus under Sharon Tucciʼs tutelage. Eventually Marshelle decided to grab the bull by the horns and move to Los Angeles. She immediately booked several great roles, including ensemble lead in Dan Myrickʼs “The Strand” and has recently worked with John Romo,
Celine Dion (who knew?), John F.K. Parenteau, and Sean Patrick Flanery. She is
currently in pre-production for a pilot/webseries - produced and created by Marshelleand a business partner, under their company piney-marsh productions, llc. They are also developing Earth Mothers, a website they like to refer to as, “…a common sense, everyday approach to saving the world.” (said tongue in cheek of course) - And if thatʼs not enough, Marshelle is in the process of developing a theatre company in St.Louis with a St. Louis partner - while of course - pursuing roles in LA.