FLAWED Credit List
5-8-09 revision of 3/25/08 info


Randy LaHaye – Peter
Gadi Erel – Richard
Cherise Leana Bangs – Cherise
Linna Carter – Wendy
Marshelle Fair – Diane
Amy Rasimas – Tanja
Leigh Rose – Old Lady
Brian Lally – Mr. Mean
Phong Tran – Waiter
Jen Tapiero – Hot Chick
???? – Meter Maid (Richard, do you still have check register? maybe we can find the girl’s name accordingly)



Executive Producer
Richard Birecki

Sean Patrick Flanery

Line Producer / UPM
Tom Bellos

Director of Photography
Zubi Mohammed

Co-Director of Photography (separate card)
Kevin Johnson

Jonathan Whittle

Audio Mixer / Lighting Technician
Jason Liquori

Dave Mendez

Camera Assistant
Army Feth

Production Assistant
Patricia McPhaul

Assistant Editor
Lillian Ng

Script Supervisor
Alison Marcus

Hair and Makeup
Nikki Greene

Makeup Assistants
Jessica Rodriguez
Jenn Jarczewski

Production Designer
Rachel Montgomery



C-Mount Industries
Dolores Restaurant
Town Grind Coffee Café
Rick and Sandy Greenland
Eloy Lara Jr.s